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Dear Friends,

You are getting married? And you would like some quick information to get an idea of where to start?  You can fill in the form below, email us at hello@theknotinitaly.it or send a text or whatsapp message to 0039.3403916235.  However if you really want our reply to arrive quickly, we ask that you send us some VITAL information in your email or form.   In the hope that we are being helpful, we have put together everything that we need in order to be able to send you a reply that is sensible and useful for us both.  

NAME: We ask that you always write your name, as it is difficult for us to respond to emails that are not signed.  Obviously we do not want to know all about your life, just simply your name! Thank you.

DATE: If you have already decided on a specific date/month – then please tell us immediately, because we only organize a limited number of events each year, so we will be able to tell you whether we have availability or not, and/or provide you with some useful indicators to point you towards the right direction.

STYLE: If you have in mind a specific style or something that you really do not want to go without, write to us about it!  This allows us to know you a little better and to understand if we can really satisfy your needs. Please do not ask for package weddings – we are not a tour operator and we do not sell standard weddings. Sorry. 

If you wish to see some of our works, we suggest you visit the Glossy Press section of our site.

We always reply to every requests or email, so if you do not hear anything from us via email, please check your spaam box, as sometimes emails are junked for some strange reasons. 

Please excuse us for this long text, in the era of quick text messages, we really would love to read more about our clients.

Thanks again, and happy planning!

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